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The Assembly of the Republic of Albania, on 04.02.2010 passed law No. 10 221, “For the protection against discrimination”.

Pursuant to this law, the Commissioner for the protection from Discrimination was established as an institution which exercises its authority independently, which ensures efficient protection from discrimination and any kind of behaviour which incites discrimination due to gender, race, colour, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, economic, education or social situation, pregnancy, parentage, parental responsibility, age, family or marital condition, civil status, residence, health status, genetic predispositions, disability, affiliation with a particular group, or for any other reason.

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania, with decision No. 33, date 22.04.2010 “For the appointment of the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination” appointed Ms. Baraku for this position, and with decision no. 34, dated 20.05.2010 “On the approval of the structure, personnel, and classification of the work of the Commissioner’s office” adopted the structure, personnel and classification of the work of the Commissioner’s office, by enabling thus the operation and initiation of the work of this office.

The establishment of this institution was an initiative of the civil society, which prepared the draft law, as a result of the EU requests regarding the steps to be taken by Albania towards the progress and European integration process, and reflected the engagement of the Albanian authorities regarding the respect for human rights, equality and non-discrimination.

The activity of the Commissioner is conducted through the review of the complaints of the subjects that claim to be victims of discriminatory behaviour or behaviour that incites it, not only from the public administration, but from private subjects as well. Also, the Commissioner conducts administrative investigations after receiving reliable information about violations to the law, conducts surveys and monitors the level to which the law is implemented. The procedures of the administrative investigation are followed by recommendations and sanctions are imposed pursuant to the law if they are not implemented. All these are accompanied with activities that aim to inform and raise awareness of the community, public administration bodies and private subjects for the purpose of promoting equality and anti-discrimination principles.



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Rreth Nesh

Veprimtaria e Komisionerit realizohet nëpërmjet shqyrtimit të ankesave të subjekteve që pretendojnë se janë viktima të sjelljeve diskriminuese apo që e nxisin atë, jo vetëm nga  administrata publike, por edhe nga subjektet private.

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